Rohloff Review

Established in 1946, H.Rohloff (Pty) Limited has grown to become one of the Top-100 technology companies in Southern Africa. Rohloff™ is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.

Rohloff™ is synonymous with high quality, technology driven materials testing and measuring equipment, systems and control solutions — its products are used throughout industry and deliver productivity, quality and safety for our customers.

We seek to provide sound advice - sound equipment - sound service, the cornerstones of our triangular Company logo you see above. To emphasize these objectives and to ensure customer satisfaction, we strive to continually improve upon our Quality System.

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Social Responsibility

Rohloff™ philosophy is centred on empowering employees and the community at large regarding knowledge of infrared thermography and testing & measuring technology. H.Rohloff (Pty) Limited is an equal opportunity employer and its policies dictate non discrimination regarding race, sex, colour and creed in the selection, recruitment and placement of management and employees.

We believe that business has a major role to play in contributing towards social upliftment and development in South Africa. We are determined to continue contributing towards redressing all forms of discrimination in our society. Rohloff™ is committed to implementing strategies and guidelines provided by government. We are also committed to working together with black empowerment organisations in achieving common goals regarding all-round social upliftment.


Rohloff™ mission is to serve, support and foster the continuing advance of Africa's industry in the fields of infrared thermography, materials testing, measurement and control solutions.