Rohloff Review

Established in 1946, H.Rohloff (Pty) Limited has grown to become one of the Top-100 technology companies in Southern Africa. Rohloff™ is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.

Rohloff™ is synonymous with high quality, technology driven materials testing and measuring equipment, systems and control solutions — its products are used throughout industry and deliver productivity, quality and safety for our customers.

We seek to provide sound advice - sound equipment - sound service, the cornerstones of our triangular Company logo you see above. To emphasize these objectives and to ensure customer satisfaction, we strive to continually improve upon our Quality System.

The Rohloff™ organisation is currently structured into three separate divisions that all cover high-end technology which is built, integrated, supplemented or adapted to African requirements by in-house local development and manufacture:

  • Infrared thermography (IR).
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Systems, Installations, Maintenance & Service.

Specialists capable of advising and servicing existing and potential clients staff each of these areas. Although specialists in their fields, our staff are sufficiently familiar with other fields of test and measurement to competently advise customers on the best solution to a particular test- and/or measurement task.

This approach, coupled with our long-established tradition of representing only world-renowned suppliers, enables us to justly create confidence in the mind of the customer that he is being guided toward - and ultimately will receive, the best and most cost effective top-technology solution to any particular thermography, test- or measurement problem.

We supply and maintain a comprehensive range of quality high-tech testing and measurement products aimed at satisfying the needs of every industry. We provide solutions ranging from a portable stand-alone thickness gauge to sophisticated infrared cameras, to complete and major turnkey projects to our varied individual and corporate customers.

Due to its core competencies in areas of technical sales, marketing, back-up service, operations and finance - strung together with a culture of openness and teamwork-, Rohloff™ is well positioned to adapt to the dynamic changes in market conditions.

H.Rohloff (Pty) Limited has through years of innovation and training developed a unique support programme for its valued customers, whereby Sound Advice – Sound Equipment – Sound Service combined with up to date technical expertise and product knowledge, have positioned H.Rohloff (Pty) Limited at the forefront of African industry.