FLIR Exx Series

flir exx newFLIR redesigned the Exx-Series from the handle up to deliver the best performance, resolution, and sensitivity of any pistol-grip handheld thermal camera.

The new Exx-Series camera is packed with the features you need to detect the early signs of water intrusion, air leaks, and other building deficiencies before they cause serious damage.

FLIR Exx-Series cameras now offer:

  • Up to 161,472 points of measurement
  • UltraMax® processing for 4x pixel resolution
  • Our best MSX® enhancement
  • Laser distance meter improves autofocus, provides distance and on-screen area measurement*
  • A larger, 4” display that’s 33% brighter
  • A responsive new interface
  • Improved organization and reporting options*E85/

FLIR Exx-Series camera model comparison

flir exx new series specs