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SIUI digital ultrasonic flaw detectors are suitable for inspecting flaw position and size, which can be widely used for various detection demands, such as pipes and tubes, welding lines, pressure vessels, forged pieces, coarse-crystal materials and airplane parts.

Portable harness testers can be used to measure a number of materials using both the Rebound and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) methods. Rebound measurements can be converted from Leeb to Shore, Rockwell, Brinell and tensile strength. The measured Vickers hardness using the UCI method can also be converted to Brinell hardness (HB), Rockwell hardness (HRC or HRB) or tensile strength (N/mm2) according to DIN standard 50150.

Dangdong Aolong Radiative Instrument Co. Ltd is involved in designing, developing and manufacturing NDT products and services.

Aolong are proud to be authorised by the Chinese government as the Chinese X Ray base products and are also the sole Chinese NDT manufacturer to be awarded "Famous Brand" under the name Aolong. Aolong have specialised in X Ray testing equipment since 1956.

With magnetic particle inspection techniques the magnetic leakage flux is identified by applying fine iron or iron-oxide powder to the work piece surface.

SIUI multi channel flaw detector are suitable for inline and production ultrasonic inspection on sectional steel such as tubes, bars, flat & rod steel. Depending on the application, the multi channel flaw detectors are available in a variety of options up to 16 channels.

Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detectors are designed for the manual inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to detect open-to-surface and near-to-surface defects. With our versatile probe range, our portable range is suitable for almost all eddy current applications.

Conductivity meters are eddy current instruments that measure the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals. When unknown test pieces are measured, the instrument converts the complex impedance value to an electrical conductivity value which can then be used to determine the grade, heat treatment and sorting of materials.

Semi Finished Eddy Current Testing systems are designed for the automated surface inspection of many different products such as bars, tubes, crankshafts, hot wire and many more. Rohloff has the equipment and expertise to satisfy your Eddy Current needs, from simple electronics to full turnkey solutions.

The flux-leakage probe method is used on ferrous, hot-rolled surfaces with round cross-sections. There are two main approaches to inspecting materials of this type:

  • The AC field method - used for highly sensitive detection of longitudinal surface flaws, predominantly on hot-rolled bar stock.
  • The DC field method - used for detection of external and internal flaws on hot-rolled tubes. Longitudinal flaws or transverse flaws are detected, depending on the magnetisation direction. API and ISO Standards describe the method.

To an increasing extent, complete test systems which go beyond pure test electronics and sensors are in demand today. Together with Foerster, we are in the position to offer our customers ready-made solutions to a multitude of test problems in the area of component testing.

Our automatic testing systems operate e.g. in the automobile industry and in the automotive parts production industry. Here they perform one hundred percent testing online, especially on critical safety-related components.

Standard testing devices are available for the testing of ball pins, push rods, camshafts, wheel hubs, brake drums, disks and pistons, etc. These systems are customised and integrated in the production process in close co-operation with our customers.

For environmental clean-up, magnetic field measurements, naval technology and satellites.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is still one of the most reliable and most sensitive surface crack inspection methods for ferro-magnetic materials. Portable hand yokes serve as inspection systems, especially for inspection of ferro-magnetic workpieces.

Thanks to their ergonomic shape and their light weight, our hand yokes are easy to handle yet exceptionally powerful.

Mobile Power Packs provide heavy duty high amp AC or HWDC fields for magnetic particle inspection in the field.

Do you test big work pieces or do you want and have to work with your crack detection equipment in a fixed location? If yes, we recommend using our stationary crack detection equipment. 

Due to the fact that there are so many different tasks in practice regarding the testing of parts and the type of defects to be found, we respond to the different requirements with our production program.

SIUI ultrasonic thickness gauges are suitable for thickness measurement in machinery, ship building, chemical, aeronautical and aerospace industries.