Component Testing

To an increasing extent, complete test systems which go beyond pure test electronics and sensors are in demand today. Together with Foerster, we are in the position to offer our customers ready-made solutions to a multitude of test problems in the area of component testing.

Our automatic testing systems operate e.g. in the automobile industry and in the automotive parts production industry. Here they perform one hundred percent testing online, especially on critical safety-related components.

Standard testing devices are available for the testing of ball pins, push rods, camshafts, wheel hubs, brake drums, disks and pistons, etc. These systems are customised and integrated in the production process in close co-operation with our customers.

Magnatest D

Magnatest-DProcessor-controlled testing system for manual or automatic magneto-inductive non-destructive material testing

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Statograph DS

Statograph-DSEddy current testing system with digital system technology for automatic, high resolution, multi-channel online defect inspection of automotive and machine industry components with probes.

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