Metal Detection & Magnetics

Magnetoscop Field Measurement

magnetoscop fieldCompact instrument with large digital display for the measurement of magnetic fields in the range from 0.1 nT to max. 1 mT

  • Extremely high sensitivity up to 0.1 nT
  • Selection of the display of the measured values in Tesla, kA/m, A/m, Oersted, Gauss
  • Measurement process with FOERSTER probes
  • Position-independent measurement and non-sensitive to vibration
  • Peak value detection / storage
  • RS232 interface for data transmission and remote control
  • Data storage on Compact Flash card
  • Adjustable thresholds for limit values
  • Optical and/or visual alarm signals
  • Battery or mains power operation
  • Extensive range of probes
  • Standards: TL 4240-016, Stanag 2897 NATO