Metal Detection & Magnetics


koerzimat msMagnetic measurement - geometry - independent..

  • PC-supported complete measurement systems in compact housings
  • Geometry-independent measurement of the weight-specific saturation magnetisation σs (4π Sigma)
  • If the test piece volume is stated, also the associated saturation induction B(s)
  • Determination of weight, density, volume
  • Determination of the magnetic moment
  • Determination of the magnetisable material proportion of a sample in %
  • Single and series measurements
  • Calibration of the measurement system
  • Large homogenous magnetic field range with:
  • Ø=32 mm, h=21 mm in the sample space with 41x57x23 mm3 of the KOERZIMAT MS 31x69
  • Ø=26 mm, h=16 mm in the sample space with 30x40x18 mm3 of the KOERZIMAT MS 26x60
  • Very strong magnetic constant field up to 1.15 T (11,500Oe)
  • Measurement of large test piece weights up to 200 g
  • Pneumatic or manual feeding of the test pieces into the saturation magnet
  • Withdrawal method according to IEC 60404-14
  • Generation of MS-reports with order-related customer data