Semi-Finished Product Testing

Segment Coil and Probes

coil lsmThe sensor system for partial testing of special geometries, flat material and weld seams.

Sensor system for partial eddy current testing with segment coils
  • Testing of austenitic, non-ferrous and ferrous metals
  • Test material diameter from 10 - 180 mm or flat
  • Special versions are available for dimensions larger than 180 mm
  • Suitable for weld seam testing
  • Robust spindle system for the height adjustment and adaptation to the test line



 Sensor system for partial eddy current testing of the weld seam of longitudinally welded tubes

  • Only one weld seam probe is required for all tube dimensions
  • Low space requirements makes possible the integration in every welding line
  • The water-cooled thermal probe makes possible test temperatures up to 1200 °C
  • Magnetisation is not required