Portable Units

Portable harness testers can be used to measure a number of materials using both the Rebound and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) methods. Rebound measurements can be converted from Leeb to Shore, Rockwell, Brinell and tensile strength. The measured Vickers hardness using the UCI method can also be converted to Brinell hardness (HB), Rockwell hardness (HRC or HRB) or tensile strength (N/mm2) according to DIN standard 50150.

SonoDur 3

sonodur3The SonoDur3 is exemplary in terms of a good overview and uncomplicated handling, just as its predecessor SonoDur2 was. Nevertheless, it shows ground-breaking improvements as compared to the predecessor model.

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Hartip 1800

HARTIP-1800 LA basic rebound hardness tester with the main core functions.

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Hartip 1900

hartip1900HARTIP 1900 hardness tester is a portable integrated Leeb hardness tester that is specially designed to measure hardness of castings in HL (Leeb), HRB (Rockwell B), HB(Brinell).

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Hartip 2000

hartip2000HARTIP 2000 hardness tester is an innovative portable Leeb hardness tester with our new patent technology. Which make HARTIP 2000 a universal impact direction hardness tester. It is no need to set up impact direction when taking measurement by any angle.

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Hartip 2200

hartip2200HARTIP2200 hardness tester is an innovation of HARTIP series portable leeb hardness tester. It works with a wireless RF probe, The RF probe can transfer measuring hardness value to main unit wirelessly via RF module within the range of 10 meters.

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