Testing Materials


pfinderPFINDER 115 is a water-suspendible concentrate of fluorescent magnetic particles with special additives for magnetic particle testing. PFINDER 115 indicates surface defects of magnetizable materials under UV-light (365nm).

The concentrate PFINDER 115 has to be stirred in water. An even dispersion of the particles will be obtained very quickly.

  • PFINDER 115 provides an extra-high content of powder.
  • The ideal use concentration may vary according to magnetisation strength, surface conditions, after-magnetisation terms and flushing time.
  • 1 kg PFINDER 115 for 40 L to 100 L water (2,5% to 1,0%).

The capability of the magnetic particle suspension should be checked regularly by means of own reference pieces or e.g. reference block 1 according EN ISO 9934-3.