Multi Channel Flaw Detectors

CTS 808 Multi Channel Flaw Detector

cts808By working with probe detection and mechanical drive devices, the CTS-808 multi-channel digital ultrasonic flaw detector can achieve automatic ultrasound testing on section steel such as steel tube, steel rod, steel billet and steel plate.

  • Multiple testing channels, multi-probe can be connected for testing at the same time. 
  • High detection sensitivity, at least 60dB detection sensitivity surplus for each channel.
  • Each detection channel has three alarm gates: A, B and C. An alarm threshold can be set, and when the echo is higher or lower than the threshold the system will alarm, so as to achieve multi-position and multi-method auto alarm.
  • Interface wave tracking function: by tracking the logic relation between gate D and the alarm gates A, B or C, interface wave tracked by alarm gates is assured, which avoids error alarm or lost alarm in immersion testing due to water fluctuation.
  • The automatic defect marking function can be set as delay marking or lengthened distance marking, with delay time or lengthened distance variable.
  • Relevant alarm times selection: the relevant alarm times can be selected based on the actual situation, so as to avoid error alarm and improve anti-interference capability.
  • Large memory for saving up to 500 data sets, including echoes, curves, parameters, detection reports, etc.
  • Variable PRF, max. PRF as high as 2.5 KHz/channel.
  • USB port for saving system stored data and echoes to a USB disk, as well as easy printout of test reports.
  • Large screen and high-brightness color TFT LCD, bringing optimized effect for reading & measurement. Echoes and detection data for up to 4 channels can be displayed at the same time.
  • Chinese/ English menu for selection, with text prompt during operation.LAN Ethernet port of the multi-channel flaw detector for real-time communication with a PC and remote control.Special database and powerful data processing function can be found in the PC, which is convenient for data storage, edit, classification, query, printing and transmission.
  • In combination of displacement signals of the tested material provided by a mechanical drive device, and flaw echo signals from the flaw detector, B-scan and C-scan display can be achieved in the PC, displaying flaw position and equivalent flaw size directly.