Sperry Adaptive Test System (ATS)

sperry ats

Powerful Performance in a Self-Contained Package

Sperry's Adaptive Test System (ATS), from the global leader in Rail Health®, allows networks to enhance the safety of their railroad operations by allowing for high-frequency track testing at a lower cost.

Adaptable Design

The ATS can couple to existing railway-owned assets for zero additional equipment expenditures and minimal network disruption. It quickly assembles and deploys, allowing the ATS to immediately move from test mode to transportation mode. Once installed, no additional drivers or maintenance crews are needed to operate the System.

Flexible and Capable

The ATS features variable gauge capability with options for narrow, standard, and wide gauge. It supports multiple technologies including Sperry's Crushed Head Detection System, Surface Crack Detection, and RCF Monitoring. The ATS also delivers 15 ultrasonic channels per rail.

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