EDGE™ 13 Series UV-A LED Panel Lamp

edge 13The first overhead LED UV-A lamp to guarantee an IP65 rating, compliance, and gang-ability.

Key Features and Benefits

  • IP 65 rating: the lamp is dust-proof and water-resistant
  • Meets ISO EN 3059 specifications for fluorescent inspection
  • Cool running, fanless design
  • Wide areas of coverage for optimal fluorescent response
  • RRES 90061 Compliant Version Available (EDG-13SBLC)
  • ASTM E3022 Compliant Version Available (EDG-13SBLC and EDG-13HC)
  • AITM6-1001 Compliant Version Available (EDG-13SBLC)
  • Long-lasting UV-A lenses protect against solarization
  • Integral black-light filters (EDG-13SBLC and EDG-13HC)
  • Gangable – link lamps together using single power source for greater coverage area